Primed® PRIMASOFT® 80 Surgical Tie Mask

Primed® PRIMASOFT® 80 Surgical Tie Mask

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Main Uses:

  • Protects Both the Patient and Clinician from Fluids and Particles Generated During Surgery.
  • Protects the Patient’s Surgical Site from Contamination from the Clinician (Droplets Generated by Talking, Coughing and More).

Features & Benefits:

  • PRIMASOFT™ Masks are Silky Smooth and Irritant-Free, Ideal for Those with Sensitivities to Other Masks
  • Full-Width, Aluminum Alloy Nose Piece will not Kink and Ensures a Secure Fit over the Nose and Across the Cheeks
  • Long Ties for Easy Donning and Removal
  • Users can Adjust the Tightness and Fit of the Mask over a Surgical Hat or Bouffant Cap
  • Suitable for Surgical Procedures where there is a Minimal Risk of Fluid Splash
  • All Seams are Ultrasonically Welded
  • Latex Free
  • Level 1 Barrier
  • Colour: White
  • 50 masks per box,  6 boxes per case
  • **Only Able to be Bought by the Case**
  • **Please Allow 2 Weeks for Delivery**

BFE (%): ≥ 99

PFE (%): ≥ 99
ΔP (mmH20/cm²): ≤ 2.4
Fluid Resistance: 80 mm Hg
Flame Spread: Class 1