CaviWipes™ HP

CaviWipes™ HP

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Caviwipes HP offers a universal 1-minute contact time against all listed pathogens, offering simplicity and peace of mind for every application. The new green top opens and closes more easily and securely, and dispenses wipes with precision, helping to reduce waste.


CaviWipes HP provides a friendly alternative for those who prefer not to use alcohol-based wipes, and our HP formulation provides better cleaning efficacy than alcohol-based products.


Our 1-step* and 1-minute universal contact time reduces waiting time for disinfection and increases staff efficiency.


CaviWipes HP provides effective disinfection against all 66 listed pathogens including MDRO's (Multidrug Resistant Organisms).


  • CaviWipes HP™ (6" x 6.75") - 160 Towelettes per tub
  • CaviWipes HP™  (9" x 12") - 65 Towelettes per tub